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Full text of "The Letters Of Horace Walpole Vol I"

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and Augustus Townshend5. The latter a pert boy, captain of an Indiaman; the former declared cicisbeo to my Lady Townshend. The quarrel was something that Augustus had said of them; for since she was parted from her husband, she has broke with all his family. Winnington challenged; they walked into Hyde Park last Sunday morning, scratched one another's fingers, tumbled into two ditches—that is, Augustus did,—kissed, and walked home together! The other night, at Mrs. Boothby 's6------
Well, I did believe I should never find time to write to you again; I was interrupted in my letter last post, and could not finish it; to-day I came home from the King's levee, where I kissed his hand, without going to the drawing-room, on purpose to finish my letter, and the moment I sat down they let somebody in. That somebody is gone, and I go on—at Mrs. Boothby's, Lady Townshend was coquetting with Lord Baltimore7: he told her, if she meant anything with him, he was not for her purpose ; if only to make any one jealous, he would throw away an hour with her with all his heart. . . .8
The whole town is to be to-morrow night at Sir Thomas Eobinson's9 ball, which he gives to a little girl of the Duke of Eichmond's10. There are already two hundred invited,
cestershire; M.P. for Worcester, Lord of the Admiralty, 1730-36 ; Lord of the Treasury, 1736-42; Paymaster of the Forces, 1743-46. He died in 1746. His epitaph was written by Sir Charles Hanbury Williams.
5  Hon. Augustus Townshend, first cousin of Horace Walpole ; second son of second Viscount Townshend by Dorothy Walpole, sister of the Prime Minister.    He was a captain in the service of the East India Company, and died unmarried at Batavia in 1746.
6  Anne, daughter of Hugh Clopton, Counsellor of the Middle Temple, and wife   of Thomas  Boothby,  of
Tooley Park, Leicestershire.
? Charles Calvert (1699-1751), sixth Baron Baltimore, proprietor of the province of Maryland. He was attached to the Prince of Wales' party.
8  Passage omitted.
9  Sir Thomas Bobinson (circ. 1700-1777), first Baronet, of Kokeby, Yorkshire ; Governor of Barbados, 1742-47.   He was tall and thin, and was called ' Long Sir Thomas' to distinguish him. from his namesake the diplomatist   (who   was   afterwards Lord G-rantham).
10 CharlesLenox (1701-1750), second Duke of Richmond, Duke of Aubigny in France ; served in the army, and